Daniela Silva

Daniela joined the Corradino Group in 2018 as an Assistant Community Outreach Specialist soon after graduating from Florida International University. Her degree in Communications and Public Relations, along with her five-year background in customer service, deemed her a right fit for the Corradino Team. In her short time with Corradino, Daniela has served as the interim in-house Community Outreach Specialist for FDOT Broward Operations and has assisted with 15+ FDOT projects. Her customer service experience, extensive attention to detail, and multitasking abilities have allowed her to effortlessly execute client relationships and provide high-quality work for Corradino’s clients. Currently, Daniela serves as the Community Outreach Specialist for the $457 million 95 Express Phase 3C project while providing additional support along the I-95 Corridor in Broward and Palm Beach Counties.