West 8th Avenue Street-scape Improvements

Project Description

This project consisted of the reconstruction and street-scape improvements to West 8th Avenue from West 51st Place to West 83rd Street in Hialeah, FL. The project included total reconstruction of roadway and parking lanes, a new drainage system, signing and pavement markings, and lighting and landscape enhancements. Drainage reconstruction consisted of installing ex-filtration trenches to meet water quality and flood protection criteria.

Canals, together with the limited available right-of-way for storm-water treatment and disposal, were the controlling factors in the design of the storm-water system. The resulting design included infiltration swales, trenches, a storm-water network, ex-filtration trenches, retention basins and overflow to the canals within the project. The system was designed using the Santa Barbara and HEC-2 models to simulate the accumulation of stormwater in the retention, and detention, basins as well as the adjacent canals.

  • Client:

    City of Hialeah, FL