Aesthetic Improvements to Delray Community Center

Project Description

Corradino assisted the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to develop a way to improve the look / safety of a section of property that MDOT owns near I-75 and the Delray Community Center.

The Delray Community Center is approximately 150 feet from I-75 and was damaged by an explosion when a tanker truck fell from I-75. Corradino worked with the Community Center and the residents in the area to develop a plan that would improve the look / safety of the area. Corradino made sure everyone, including the children in the area, were involved in the aesthetic design choices. Ultimately, computer animation and hand-crafted designs with the neighborhood's youth, were a part of the interactive public involvement effort. Based on this engagement, the area was designed to screen the I-75 infrastructure from the Community Center with an attractive wall, create a walkway, sitting area, and an art exhibit of the work of the children of Delray.

Corradino went a step further and created a vision program of what the Delray Community Center and surrounding area could look in the near future based on input received.

  • Client:

    Michigan Department of Transportation