I-69 General Services

Project Description

I-69 and Corradino have been synonymous since the new interstate became a project in Indiana. Corradino has played a major role in four I-69 projects: Section 3/ Tier 2 EIS (Prime), Section 4/ Tier 2 EIS (subconsultant), Section 2 and 3/ Project Development (subconsultant), and, Section 4/ Project Development. INDOT has won two national awards for Corradino's Customer Service effort which Corradino's Indiana Team developed.

Now, Corradino is a major subconsultant to HNTB on Section 5, a 22-mile segment that runs along the existing alignment of SR 37 south of Bloomington, Indiana.

In addition to the general services required of the HNTB team as technical procurement advisor, Corradino is responsible for: customer services, including "Kitchen Table" meetings, topographic surveying, and preliminary engineering necessary for determining right-of-way limits for Area 2, from Vernal Pike to Walnut Street. This area includes mainline SR 37 improvements, two overpasses and frontage roads. Corradino conducts Karst and geotechnical investigations services necessary for procurement documents, oversee environmental compliance, and participate in Value Engineering and the development of the Financial Plan.

  • Client:

    Indiana Department of Transportation