Road CANstruction Ahead!!!

The Corradino Group is proud to be 1 of 6 teams competing in the Palm Beach County Food Bank’s 4th annual “CANstruction” event at the Gardens Mall, in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, from June 6 – June 19, 2016. CANstruction is an international charity where design, engineering and construction firms build entire structures from canned goods that are then donated to the local food bank. This year’s theme is “Field of Dreams,” emphasizing the local agriculture industry. So how does road construction relate to agriculture in Palm Beach County? The main goal of our projects is to provide necessary improvements on the major arteries in the area, often widening the roadway and shoulders to increase safety for motorists, as well as adding additional lanes to keep the steady increase in traffic flowing smoothly. In fact, our current project on State Road 710 in Jupiter is adding two (2) lanes to this major east-west thoroughfare to the Port of Palm Beach. Truckloads of Palm Beach County’s finest agricultural goods, such as sugar, corn, and rice, are shipped all over the world starting here with our local roadways.  During every construction project, we have two (2) main priorities—minimizing the impact of construction on the traveling public, and ensuring all parties involved… motorists, pedestrians, and the construction crews, remain safe during the entire process. Similar to the typical message boards and signs seen on a construction project, our “Road CANstruction Ahead – Food Zone” is warning patrons of the mall about the need to end hunger in Palm Beach County!

Much like road construction, fighting to eliminate hunger can seem like a long, arduous process. But with the help of amazing organizations like the Palm Beach County Foodbank and, we are building the path to a safer, healthier future for our community!

Structure Description
Our structure is made of the following…

  • Over 1600 cans of mandarin oranges
  • Over 800 lbs. of organic rice
  • Over 500 lbs. of green beans