CANstruction 2019

“It all started with a juice stand” Winners for Both Best Overall Design & Best Use of Labels Nearly 60 years ago, Lilly Pulitzer created her first juice stand a stone’s throw away in the jungle paradise of Palm Beach Island, Florida. To disguise the vibrant splashes of her sunny citrus creations, she constructed the now iconic “Shift Dress” in her signature bold and bright color schemes. Our ‘food stand’ embodies Lilly’s signature style—an array of pinks and greens, classic design elements, fruit cocktails, and of course a flamingo for good measure. We hope our build brings a smile to your face, because as Lilly used to say… “Being happy never goes out of style.”

The Corradino Group, Inc. and Ranger Construction Industries, Inc., locally owned and family operated, have worked tirelessly to improve roadways and bridges throughout South Florida. While efficient transportation and a solid infrastructure are key to a thriving community, it is equally essential to ensure local families and their growing children have access to healthy, nutritious meals throughout the year. In our industry, no challenge can be completed without proper teamwork and partnering, so we are proud to work alongside the Palm Beach County Food Bank in the fight against hunger.

With the warm sunshine, swaying palm trees, and beauty of Palm Beach County, it is striking how many families struggle each day to put food on their table. Our team, who identifies with Lilly Pulitzers’ passion, drive and zest for life, want our “food stand” to spark the sense of giving in others as well. We are proud to call Palm Beach County home and will continue to seek ways to improve the quality of life here. Similar to construction, the fight to end hunger is a long process. However, working together we CAN end hunger in Palm Beach County! Over 2,500 cans were used.

Team Captains: Meredith Cruz, Kathleen Dempsey, Brittany Bradley

Team Members: Meredith Cruz, Kathleen Dempsey, Brittany Bradley, Andi Pacini, Melissa Readling, Mel Pollock, Scott Cavendish, Ruben Cruz, Kris Kohn, Josh Bradley, Diana Cavendish, Eva Greene, and Ponch Frank