EcoAction Park Cleanup Volunteer Activity at Secret Woods Nature Center

Many parks in South Florida offer EcoAction Volunteer Days – Workdays scheduled throughout the system where volunteers come in and assist with park clean-up/maintenance activities. These activities include painting facilities, removing invasive plant species and trash, clearing nature trails, and planting trees and native plants. Volunteers are important to parks, especially when it comes to helping their nature centers, natural areas, and other parks clear out the trash and invasive plants that continually plague our environment.

Various parks have worked with several community and corporate groups that volunteer their time to improve the parks system. On Saturday, April 14th, 2018, Corradino joined that list of teams. A few of our staff members assisted with park clean-up duties at Secret Woods Nature Center in Broward. Secret Woods is Broward County’s first nature center, which opened in September 1978. It’s comprised of three vegetative communities found along and influenced by the New River: an inland freshwater cypress/maple wetland, a pond apple/mangrove community along the river, and, farther inland, a laurel oak hammock. Corradino employees helped by picking up garbage and removing invasive plants along the pond apple/mangrove community. We were proud to assist in a great community effort, while engaging in a fun team-building activity!